The Georgia mountains – a vacation destination, a getaway, and home to many fine vineyards. We expect many more to appear on the grape-friendly slopes of our Blue Ridge Mountains. If you've got the talent to be a vintner with a vision, this area is the perfect place to "put down roots."

Let us help you find land to build your own vineyard or winery. Call us or send an e-mail today and let's get you on your way to growing grapes and creating legendary wines!

FEATURE: Mountain Wine Production - Area Vineyards and Their Operations

Here you'll find the perfect growing conditions for many varieties of grapes. Many vinyards already produce award-winning fine wines: Three Sisters, Frogtown Cellars, BlackStock, Habersham, Wolf Mountain & Crane Creek to name a few, located in the Georgia mountains.

Winemakers in other parts of the world are always shocked to learn that Georgia grows wine grapes. True, some of these grapes are the so-called “less noble” varieties, such as Muscadine and French-American hybrid grapes. But you’ll also find a surprising amount of classic wine grapes, such as the familiar Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Beyond that, there’s Riesling, Malbec, Touriga Nacional (a Portuguese variety), Sangiovese (which makes Chianti), Tannat, Syrah and a whole lot of Viognier. If you don’t know what those grapes are, just enjoy the discovery.

The wine enthusiast who does know those grapes is also in for a discovery, as a new day has dawned on Georgia winemaking. But does this mean anything for folks who couldn’t care less about wine? Does it bring any benefits to the state? Georgia’s stalwart viticultural pioneers think growing grapes does. Visitors who tour wineries and other agricultural enterprises buy more than just peaches, apples, cheeses and wines. They fill gas tanks at nearby stations, dine in area restaurants and they may stay overnight in nearby lodging and shop in local antique emporia...

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